MonSweeper is created to join Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam. (The game-jam version is here)

This game is inspired by Planet mines 3D (minesweeper) and MamonoSweeper: Minesweeper&RPG.

The number in the map is the total of the levels of monsters in adjacent tiles.

In order to save the world, you will defeat all the monsters. However, the monsters with high level are very strong and can easily kill you. Therefore, you should defeat weak monsters to get potions, gold and EXP to increase your power in game beginning.

The assets are from 7Soul's RPG Graphics - SpritesSuperpowers Asset Packs and Whitecafe.

If you find the FPS is low, please try to use other browser to play this game.

MonSweeper has a Facebook Fan Page Now.

Development log


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this game has so much potential....

Thank you.

I'll keep developing it and add more interesting features.

Can heal some HP after up level?

The player will get +10 HP and +5 MAX HP after level up now.

nice I like that you added this change! I will probably give this another play on my stream Monday!